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V2O Pattaya -20°c Iceroom

For those who want the ultra cool-down...step into our -20°c icebar for delicious shots of ice-cold vodka and discover V2O's Cold Fusion in Pattaya.

With a commanding position on the corner of soi 15, Walking Street this uniquely designed icebar is the best venu to take your shot of cold fusion and make it an experience you will never forget.

If you are lucky you may get the chance to meet our friendly polar bear, who drifted in on a melting iceberg and decided our ice bar would be the perfect place to set up his new home. Who are we to argue! he's a polar bear!

V2O Pattaya is fueled by Stolichnaya Vodka and our mixologiests have created an array of mouthwatering infused flavors to enjoy the arctic atmosphere of our ice bar.

Discover Cold Fusion at V2O.

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